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Amanda The Adventurer


About Amanda The Adventurer


Amanda The Adventurer is about a haunted tape series where you can see two strange characters. Some creepy situations will appear in these tapes.

The creepy secrets in kid programs

In this game, your mission is to discover the secrets behind a kid program. Some children disappeared while they were watching this program. Your character is Reily who inherited his aunt's house and tapes. Once he watches the first tape, he must find all the other tapes to watch. When you watch the later tapes, the more strange things happen.

Find out all the tapes in the attic

Amanda The Adventurer doesn't have the survival gameplay as in Five Nights At Freddy's 2. You will solve some puzzles to look for the left tapes.

Solve the puzzles

Finding the next tapes will depend heavily on the previous tape. You will see hints in the tapes you watch. You can use the details to search for the next tapes. For example, you will see capitalized letters on the stores of a tape. These letters will be the password to unlock a safe.

The tapes lead to different endings

In the game Amanda The Adventurer, you will experience more than just one ending. Tapes with different content will take you to different endings. Be prepared with nerves of steel because you may encounter scary creatures in the attic.

Fascinating storyline in the game Amanda The Adventurer

This game builds a quite realistic and dark storyline. A children's program has creepy secrets that you have to explore. However, the creator of the show's Amanda and Wooly characters have disappeared. No one can find him anywhere. From here, dark stories took place.