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About Granny


Escape from the house in Granny now! Your objective is to avoid the scary grandma and find a key to open the door. Be careful with many traps in the house!

This game is also as famous as Five Nights At Freddy's. Both of them bring a thrilling and nervous experience to players.

Five challenging levels in this game

In order to provide a survival game suitable for people of all levels, difficulty levels have been added to this game. This game features 5 degrees of difficulty: Practice, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. You can try playing from Practice to Extreme in order. It's better to discover the Granny's house while she doesn't stay home in Practice mode.

Save yourself from the Granny's house

In this game, you are locked inside the house of a grandma ghost. Your mission is to move around the house and look for a key to escape from her home.

Keep the silent

It may be challenging for you as Granny wanders around the room to find you. Therefore, you have to remain cautious and silent when moving. Collect many objects which assist you a lot as the game progresses. Do not drop the things on the floor, as they will create sounds. Her ears are susceptible to sound so she can hear everything.

Avoid facing granny directly

Don't try to attack her; she can't be killed even if she is shot or her body is shattered with the Free Trap. Run as fast as possible and hide under beds or in cabins to evade her. Do your best to leave this frightening house of Granny within five days.

Use the keyboard to act

  • Press the arrow keys to move
  • Press the H key to hide
  • Press the C key to crouch
  • Use the E key to collect objects such as keys, knives, and so on
  • Press the O key to drop objects
  • Press the D key to escape from a bear trap
  • Press the left mouse button to shoot.