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Baldi's Basics


About Baldi's Basics


Welcome to an exciting game called Baldi's Basics. In this game, you have to collect 7 notebooks to escape from the mad professor's spooky school.

Player's Mission

In the game Baldi's Basics, you will have to face the obstacles that Professor Baldi and his friends have set. Also, you have to take advantage of the things you discover, but watch out. Baldi can hear every sound you make! Three separate game modes are available: classic, team, and experimental. Let's start the game and help your character escape from this school!

Baldi's Basics game has many characters

You need to learn to know the personality and characteristics of each character in this school. Compared to the familiar characters you already know in fnaf games, these are entirely new. Here are some of the main characters in the game:

  • Baldi: the main character of the game and the math teacher. Thanks to his excellent hearing, he can identify the source and creator of any sound. He will chase you and grab you if you don't answer the arithmetic questions correctly
  • Playtime: a nearsighted girl has a poor memory and often hunts for playmates. If she meets you, she will make you play skipping rope with her while pressing the music keys
  • Arts and Crafters: a puppet. It doesn't like attention and is extremely shy. Those who owned more notebooks than it were also envied. It will teleport you closer to Baldi if you have all seven notebooks.
  • Have a Sweep: A giant broom hired to sweep the school. It can put you or Baldi in its scan line and scan everything.
  • Bully: An obnoxious bully. It will get in your way by standing in the path. It will let you pass if you give it something.
  • Principal of the Thing: He will follow the school rules and discipline you if you break them. If sentenced, you will be fined 15 seconds in the principal's office.
  • Cloudy Copter: a free cloud that can do anything it wants. It will fly around and blow strong winds through the corridors. You and Baldi can move faster or slower due to the wind.
  • Chalkles: a drawing of a child's face. It will hover, giggle, and make a mess. It will attack you and drain your health if you stare at it.
  • 1st Prize: A robot that loves to hug and will approach everyone it sees. It spins pretty slowly, but it can push you or Baldi away.
  • Beans: a mischievous young man whose hobby is blowing bubbles to impress others. It will blow up a giant bubble you cannot see if you encounter it.
  • Mrs. Pomp: high heels with face and hair. She will happily invite people to her lessons. If you agree, you will be taken to a class where you will have to answer her questions.