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Friday Night Funkin'


About Friday Night Funkin'


Friday Night Funkin' invites you to participate in the duet between The Boyfriend with different enemies. Let's press the arrow keys in time to sing perfectly.

Relax with music

Unlike Granny, the music in this game is more energetic. There will be many songs for you to choose and experience. They all have very distinct rhythms. Even the song list of this series has become popular globally. The most famous songs of this game are Bopeebo, Dad Battle, Blammed, and so on. Come to the thrilling rhythms in this game.

Friday Night Funkin' gameplay

This game is straightforward. You need to read through the instructions to understand the game's rules.

Join the duets with other singers

This game requires you to transform into The Boyfriend who is the lover of the Girlfriend. You can your girlfriend will be challenged to join the duets with many enemies. Note that The Girlfriend will sit on the speakers and cheer you up. You and your rival will take turns singing different parts of the song. The one who can sing perfectly will gain many points. Keep singing and earning points until the music stops. At the end of the duet, the singer who has a higher score will become the ultimate victor.

The available game modes

One interesting of this rhythm game is its game modes including Free Play and Story Mode. The gameplay of these game modes is different. For example, if you select the Free Play mode, you can choose to compete with your favorite rival and sing your favorite song. Contrarily, the Story Mode allows you to join the weekly duets. Keep in mind that you must win the duet in Week 1 first if you want to participate in the duet in Week 2. It means that you must complete all levels in the Story Mode in order. Moreover, each weekly duet has a distinct song and opponent.