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About FNAF Plus


FNAF Plus brings you intense experiences when facing robot monsters. The familiar gameplay of the FNAF series will keep you attracted.

The attraction of this horror game

In this game, the character in this game can make you surprise because of its reality I'm sure the the graphics and music can impress you. In this game, you'll encounter recognizable electronic puppets like Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. You can unravel the many mysteries and extraordinary events of this game to learn more about the plot of the New Elysian City.

The difference of FNAF Plus

  • The character's movement is very smooth which brings the best experience to you. The new and more complex design of the electronic puppets creates a more realistic and scary atmosphere.
  • The survival mechanics of the game FNAF Plus have been redesigned and improved. Cameras will need to be manually filmed, doors will need to be closed by pulling a lever, and electronic puppets will present new threats.
  • Secrets and rare events in the FNAF Plus game have been expanded and added.
  • Several additional post-play features are available in the FNAF Plus game, such as a unique Friday night, a custom night, and a night that allows you to retry the game with new difficulties.