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Backroom Game


About Backroom Game


Are you the bravest adventurer? If you have confidence and the courage to pass fnaf games, this game is excellent for you. Start your journey to explore this mysterious abandoned house and confront the world's weirdest creature here.

Scary abandoned house

Backroom Game's background is an abandoned structure with countless rooms and halls. All are painted a pale yellow with soggy rugs. You stumbled into a secret door and are now trapped inside this building. You must escape the location before you run out of life or get engulfed by strange creatures. There are nine distinct levels in the game. Each level has its own characteristics and difficulties that create exciting challenges. The Backrooms, a famous online horror story, inspired the game.

Backroom Game's rules

In the horror escape game Backroom Game, you must discover the escape from a strange building with strange rooms and corridors. Only you are in this scary yellow carpet room. All are empty. You must search this building for hints, objects, and notes to solve puzzles and avoid strange monsters. From story mode to survival mode, this game offers many game options. This game has many variations, including a free version and versions for mobile and consoles. For fans of the genre, this game is a horror title to be noticed.

Suggestions for you

These tips will help you deal with this scary creature.

  • Have the right move strategy. Although you can run, your time will soon run out.
  • You can find artifacts, notes, and clues to solve puzzles and avoid strange monsters.
  • Try to save money by using your appliances. Take your time looking around the areas you pass through. There are hidden rooms and exits available.
  • Try to listen to the sound to detect scary things in time. Turn around and find another way if you hear a loud noise.
  • You can use weapons or other items to defend yourself or outwit strange creatures.
  • Every 30 seconds, check your watch. Otherwise, you will go crazy or be stuck in the building forever.