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FNAF Games


Experience the game music and graphics in this horror game

FNAF Games is a superb website about the Five Nights At Freddy's game series in which you have to survive in five nights and protect yourself from animatronics.

This game series brings new gameplay to the survival game genre. In addition, the graphics and sound also satisfy all players.

Impressive game music and sound effect

Music and sound are always important parts of any online game. In the FNAF Games, creepy sounds and haunting melodies will tremble even the bravest. They are cleverly used in all the right situations to make you feel trapped in a nightmare landscape.

Impressive visual design

The time in this game is at night when scary phenomena easily happen. The game creates your fear through the gloomy environment, flickering lights, and old furniture. Of course, you can only see where the light shines - the limited field of vision and the dark increase the dangerous feeling. Many players are startled when encountering jump scares. They may look harmless when they are in their normal state. However, you will be surprised by their horror appearance when they become evil.

Explore some events in FNAF Games

This series has unique gameplay and its plot is very impressive. This plot has made players curious. You can explore the creepy secrets of the animatronics gradually.

Two creepy events

The horrifying incident is mentioned throughout this game. One person was bitten on the forehead by an animatronic, seriously injuring him. This event partly shows the danger and brutality of the animatronics in this game.

The missing children

Are the animatronics' unusual actions happen because they get some errors? The answer is no because they are controlled by the souls of children. These spirits are dangerous because they want revenge and haunt the restaurant. The children were murdered by a man named William Afton. The animatronics revive at night, ready to take down anyone.

How to play FNAF Games

You do not have weapons to attack the animatronics in this game series. Facing these animatronics directly is not recommended in this game. These dangerous robots can immediately jump on you if they can approach you. If you can survive until 6 am, you will pass a night.

Regularly observe animatronics

You don't have a gun or sword, but you can observe the robots' movements from the camera. At first, they often stand together in the room farthest from the guard room. However, they will gradually move through the rooms to reach the security room. Sometimes, you need to click to observe them through the screen. Make sure you keep an eye on each animatronic. As soon as they get close to your room, do anything to make them leave.

Use the door and the light to protect yourself

The doors and the light are the only objects that can help you in this game. You have to be quick when using the door and turning the lights on to avoid danger. The doors prevent the strange creatures from entering the room while the lights chase away the monsters. The electricity of the building isn't infinite, so you should use it wisely. Don't turn on the light while Freddy is still far away.

Listen to the sounds

This game encourages players to turn on the game sound. Listening to the footsteps of the enemies is the best way to prevent them. Strange footsteps sounds are signs of the appearance of animatronics. As soon as you hear the sounds, quickly close the door or turn on the lights to ensure safety.

Learn about main animatronics in FNAF Games

These game villains became extremely popular. They even became more common after many later parts were released.

Freddy Fazbear

This animatronic is the soul of this series. When mentioning FNAF Games, this Freddy animatronic are iconic villain in this series. You can see a brown bear robot which is old and dangerous. This villain likes appearing in unexpected places, then he attacks you.

Bonnie the Bunny

This character will surprise you with his speed. He usually appears on the left side of the room. When facing this animatronic, agility is key to staying safe. Keep an eye out for this fast-paced robot!

Chica the Chicken

This character is a yellow chicken. It is less friendly than it looks. It's unpredictable moves will confuse many players. Observe her and come up with appropriate plans.

Foxy the Pirate

This character is a combination of both aggression and speed. Just let your guard down for a few seconds, and he will rush towards you. He can jump quickly and highly which doesn't let you have time to attack him.

Some versions of FNAF Games

The versions with different storylines appear on this website. You don't need to install them, you can play directly in browsers.

Five Nights at Freddy's

This game is the original version of this series. You will transform into a security guard and work in a pizza restaurant. Freddy bears move around the halls and want to attack you.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Some new characters will appear in this part. Part 2 also has different rules compared to other versions. In this game, you have another useful item which is a mark. You have to wear a mask and turn on the electric doors, and light bulbs.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

The setting in this part is Fazbear's Fright, a haunted restaurant with macabre events. You will be a night security guard here. You need to navigate a bad environment and repair the broken system.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

The villain remains the same, but the background and plot are different. Instead of becoming a guard at night, you are a little boy who is threatened by animatronics. This part focuses on audio signals, the limited vision makes the game more scary.

The other games on the FNAF Games site

Many games with other genres, such as adventure, action, idle, etc, are added to the website. In general, you can find your favorite game on this website. What are you waiting for? Many choices are ready for you on this site.

Game control

  • You can click the left mouse button to open the door, turn on the light, or interact with the game.
  • Swipe the mouse to look around.