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Dumb Ways To Die


About Dumb Ways To Die


Dumb Ways To Die has been popular in recent years because of its fun gameplay. Your mission is to save many unique characters from dumb deaths.

Fun characters

You can see many different characters in this game. Although they have a cute appearance, I don't appreciate their IQ. They always put themselves in danger because of their silly actions. This game requires you to keep them alive from the dumb dangers. The time won't wait for you, so be quick!

Solve many puzzles to save characters in Dumb Ways To Die

You even have never thought about some dumb ways to die that appear in this game. One more thing, you also can listen to a famous song which has the same name as this game. I'm sure you will like that game. Besides this game, you may be addict to Death Dungeon Survivor which is a battle game,

Follow the guide

In each situation, there are some guides for you. You need to follow them to keep the character safe. For example, you see the warning that faster and faster, you must be quick by any means. When you see dangerous fish surrounding your character, quickly chase them away by clicking on them and dragging them away from your character. There are many other situations and you can explore them one by one.

Be quick before time's up

The timer in this game is limited. You only have some seconds to complete your mission in each level. That's the reason why you must be quick. You only have three retries which means your character has three lives. The game will end if your character runs out of lives. You can unlock new characters if you get more than 200 points. Are you curious about the new characters? Let's get high scores!