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Skibidi Toilets


About Skibidi Toilets


Skibidi Toilets is a shooting game where you transform into a cameraman. You alone will use the weapon to destroy 100 Skibidi Toilets in the game.

Brave cameraman warrior

It took a lot of work for a warrior to defeat 100 monsters. However, this will happen in this shooting game. As you know, the cameraman and the toilet monster have become arch-enemies. Only one cameraman is sent to destroy an entire Skidibi Toilets base. With the gun in hand, you need to move the character to fight the enemy.

Gameplay of Skibidi Toilets

Like other action games like Run Zombie Run, you must shoot and move simultaneously. This action will help you win this war. To conquer this action game, you must first understand the game rules and control.

Defeat 100 enemies

The monsters will always chase your character to attack. The enemies' attacks will reduce the character's HP. Fire them so they can't get close to you. The number is too crowded, so you need to move constantly to avoid being covered. Aim the target and fire to reduce the number of enemies.

Game control

  • Click the left mouse button to fire
  • Click the right mouse button to aim
  • To change the character direction, let's use WASD keys
  • Press the spacebar to jump over
  • Use the F key to reload
  • Use 1-6 keys to change the weapons.