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21 Rooms


About 21 Rooms


21 Rooms is a special survival game where you make decisions to stay alive. Scary scenes can make you feel excited while playing this horror game.

What happened to you in this game

You are taken to an abandoned hotel. It's just you and the killer here. You have to join his horrible game to escape from this place. If you survive for 21 days you will be able to leave with great rewards. However, if you lose the game, you will be killed. Be smart in all situations!

The rules of 21 Rooms

You are in the hotel Lobby. There is an Elevator near the Entrance and a Stairwell across the Lobby on the opposite side. A restaurant is built into the side of the Lobby. A note hangs from a length of string attached to a rafter in the entryway. You're safe inside a Hotel Room if the door is closed. If you're outside of a room, you are fair game. Survive until Day 21 and you get to leave with a substantial reward.

Give the choices

You will always see options when you want to act. For example, you want to choose whether to take the elevator or go to the basement. Instead of acting like in Squid Game Online, you will make decisions. They will directly affect your survival. If you love horror games like this, share it with your friends. You can choose normal or survival mode. If you choose normal mode, you will have to try to survive as the mysterious killer is behind you. For survival mode, you need to try to live as long as possible.

How to survive

Escape from the killer by going into Rooms. Don't let hunger slow down your plans! Rest in Rooms to progress time. Using the stairs and resting will make you hungry. You can fill yourself up with food hidden in the rooms and restaurants.