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Among Us Online


About Among Us Online


Among Us Online lets you play strategy games with your friends. You can create a private room or join other public rooms to experience this role-playing game.

Play two roles in this game

This game allows you to play the role of the victim or the villain. However, if you choose the default mode, you will always be a traitor. If you invite friends to your private room, you can randomly become a crew member. When experiencing two different characters, you will have different experiences that bring entertaining moments to you. You also can play other role-playing games such as fnaf games series on this site.

How to get the victory in Among Us Online

With two different characters, you will have different missions. You need to be a survivor to complete these missions. Don't forget to customize some stats before joining the battle.

Destroy the members on the spaceship

When you are a traitor, your mission is to destroy the required number of crew members. The time to complete the mission is limited so you must seize the opportunity quickly. This task must be performed in silence. If you are discovered to be a traitor, you will lose this game. Don't forget to take advantage of the vents to hide after committing a crime.

Discovered the traitor

If you are a crew member, your duty is to ensure your safety and find traitors. A traitor will do everything silently and avoid detection. Be careful because he can hide in the vents. Remove the traitor from the spaceship before he destroys the crew.