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Avatar Game


About Avatar Game


Get ready to race in Pandora

Avatar Game will tell about Jake Sully's escape who is in Avatar body. He needs to escape from his enemies by running and riding on a special kind of animal.

This game is inspired by the plot of Avatar: The Way of Water. In addition, the gameplay of this game will be similar to the Geometry Dash games. You will be able to enjoy the great combination of a famous movie and a worldwide popular game title. Let's run toward and reach the finish line!

Complete maps in Avatar Game

This game has 3 maps similar to the original Geometry Dash game. Your mission will help the main character reach the last point on the road.

Keep the Avatar safe from obstacles

You will not only jump, sometimes you also need to control flying monsters. Therefore, great controllability will be an advantage in this game. You need to know your jumps correctly. From there, avoid falling into pitfalls along the way. After going through the portal fruit, the form of the game will probably change. Your character will take turns running or flying after passing through the portals.

Take advantage of gravity plates and springs

These springs will help your character jump higher and farther. Sometimes, these springs will cause your character to bump into sharp spikes. Gravity plates as a fulcrum. It helps your character jump when there are no blocks there.

If you find Avatar Game not stimulating enough, I recommend you to try horror games like Slenderman Horror Story Madhouse. Make sure you are a brave person before playing offline.