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Backrooms Escape


About Backrooms Escape


Backrooms Escape is a horror escape game where you have to find all planks and create a ladder. From that, you can escape from many monsters in Backrooms.

Difficulties you encounter in the game

Backrooms are a yellow maze of old walls. You need to find a way to move in this maze. The monsters are very fast and numerous. They will come to your location so don't stay in one spot for too long. Finding planks is also not easy because they are scattered in random positions. You need to move around skillfully so as not to get lost and not be attacked by monsters. Besides, you can explore some other games such as FNAF Help Wanted 2.

How to play Backrooms Escape

In this game, you must find every way to escape from backrooms. You need some items to escape this scary place. Try not to get caught by the monsters.

Find planks

Planks are the material to make a ladder that helps you get out of backrooms. You can identify the location of these planks by looking at the mini-map. The yellow dots are planks and you only need to go to these positions. After you have collected enough planks, you need to move to the door in the ceiling. The planks will then form a ladder to climb up to the door in the ceiling.

Avoid monsters

The red dots on the mini-map are monsters. They have no faces and long limbs. They are black and move very fast. They often hang out in places with planks. You can't attack them so you can only run away. Try to find the planks without being detected by monsters.