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Backrooms Trials


About Backrooms Trials


Backrooms Trials is a horror escape game that startles many players. A creepy monster is walking around the rooms and you must avoid it at any time.

Familiar background in this game

Did you know Backroom Game is becoming popular recently? This game's main background is endless yellow backrooms. What's more, a scary creature is moving and looking for you. The silence and oldness in the backroom makes any player tremble. You are locked in these rooms and only keys can open the door to escape. You need to move continuously to avoid being found by monsters.

Escape from back rooms in Backroom Trials game

Escape from the rooms will not be too difficult for professional players. You just need to go into different rooms to find enough keys.

Keys at random position

There will be no hints or clues about the keys. You will have to go around the rooms yourself to find the keys. There will be a few warnings about dangers and you need to pay attention to them. If you can't find the key, you can watch a few walkthrough videos on Youtube.

Avoid the monster

Horror games always have scary monsters. The monster in this game has a strange appearance and is extremely tall. It has no face and its sticky skin makes you feel terrible. As soon as it sees you, it will immediately chase you. Run quickly to avoid being attacked by these monsters.