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Catch Huggy Wuggy!


About Catch Huggy Wuggy!


Catch Huggy Wuggy! is a great action game in which you have to chase Huggy Wuggy while overcoming countless obstacles and menacing enemies.

The characters of the game Catch Huggy Wuggy!

  • Huggy Wuggy: The main antagonist of the game is a green, furry creature with pointed teeth. To win the game, you have to chase and beat it.
  • Kissy Missy: a monster with pink hair that looks like Huggy Wuggy, its friend. It also appears on various levels.
  • Aggressive Toys: Various toys can attack you while you are playing. Hooks can be used to defeat them.
  • Your character is a player with two dexterous hands that can punch objects, push buttons, and open doors. In the game, you can change the look of your character.

Some tips for the game Catch Huggy Wuggy!

To go forward, focus on your hand. To reach Huggy Wuggy, you must take the right steps at the right time to clear the route in front of you. Hooks can be used to interact with opponents or objects. Avoid being bitten by Huggy Wuggy's razor-sharp fangs.