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Cubes 2048.io


About Cubes 2048.io


The Cubes 2048.io game will definitely give you a great gaming experience. It received love thanks to the combination of the two most beloved game genres.

The highlights of the game Cubes 2048.io

Two popular games, 2048 and Snake, are combined in this game. There are many power-ups in the game that can improve gameplay and strategy. You can play the game online in a huge space and compete with other players on the live scoreboard. The gameplay of the game is simple but attractive and more difficult than the usual snake game. This creates challenges for players and creates stimulation for players to want to conquer.

Your mission in the game Cubes 2048.io

Your goal is to get the highest position on the leaderboard. As much as possible, try to increase your block count. Similar to other snake games, you can use the mouse to control the snake in this game.

According to the rules of the game, blocks with the same number of collisions merge. You can consume players who have fewer numbers than you. You can chop your opponent and take their block if the block is smaller than yours. Avoid the split symbols and players with higher numbers than you, as they will lower your numbers.

To help or eliminate opponents, use power-ups by holding the left mouse button or spacebar to move quickly on the computer.