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Dawn Of The Slenderman


About Dawn Of The Slenderman


You have to face a strange creature in Dawn Of The Slenderman. Your objective is to shoot down all slender men and collect eight pages to get a victory.

This game offers 4 modes including Forest Classic, Forest Gun Mode, Suburbia Classic, and Suburbia Gun Mode. In Forest Gun Mode and Suburbia Fun Mode, you will be provided with a gun to fight against the slender man. In a Forest Classic and Suburbia Classic, you have nothing. If you see slender men, just try to run as fast as possible to escape from them.

How to play Dawn Of The Slenderman

You are lost in the forest. Your mission is to collect 8 pages which are placed anywhere in the forest. Be careful! You can meet slender men along the way. Another way is to collect the gun and shoot down all slender men. Try to aim accurately and fire the gun constantly to kill them in the shortest time. Your resourse such as bullets is limited. If you run out of bullets, try to look for and collect ammo. You can throw the grenade when necessary.

Game control

  • Press a SPACEBAR key to jump
  • Press a X key to prone
  • Press a CTRL key to crouch
  • Press SHIFT+W key to run
  • Press a left mouse button to shoot