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Drift 3


About Drift 3


You will turn into a racer in the game Drift 3. Your task is to drive on a special road and compete for the top position with many other opponents.

Special race track in this game

The tracks in this game will be completely different from the ones in Geometry Dash Bloodbath. There will be no spikes or cogs along the way. However, you will be surprised to see the track set in the air. You will fall into the air if you make a small mistake. The width of the track will get narrower as you go further.

Race in Drift 3

Great races will remove all stress in you. This path has only a starting point and no end point. Instead of trying to get to the finish line, you need to try to get ahead.

Over the opponents

This track has a lot of opponents and they also have great skills. You need to surpass them to take the lead. Remember that you must always move on the roads without falling. That way, you have the opportunity to become the fastest.

Overcoming bends and slopes

Although the road has no spikes or spikes, the slopes and bends will challenge you. You have to be quick to make some moves through the bends. In particular, on small roads, the bends will be more difficult to pass than ever.

Change the skins

Your vehicle can be exchanged for another vehicle such as an ice cream truck, fire truck, etc. The size of each vehicle is different. In my opinion, you should use small cars to be able to easily make drifts on narrow roads.

Game control: click the left mouse and release on time to play this game.