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Death Dungeon Survivor


About Death Dungeon Survivor


Death Dungeon Survivor turns you into a special warrior in the monster lands. You must fight against and kill as many monsters as possible.

A never ending war

You are probably familiar with endless wars. You have now been sent to an island full of monsters. Drops, dry skeletons or ghosts all become your enemies. You have no teammates so you can only fight alone. However, your hero can slay hundreds of monsters at once with his amazing fighting skills.

Kill as many enemies as you can in Death Dungeon Survivor

You will probably be surprised because the number of monsters is endless. They will constantly appear and attack you because you are the only person living on this island. You need to grab the weapons and kill them before they reach you.

Unlock skills

Instead of having to aim and shoot accurately at targets like in Dead City: Zombie Fire, the character's attacks will automatically knock down enemies. However, you need to unlock more new skills like rope whip, sword, etc. Your character can perform these skills at the same time. In addition, more and more powerful monsters appear. You also need to upgrade your skills after leveling up. Choose one of the three skills shown on the screen and remember to upgrade them fairly. Don't just focus on a single skill.

Move smartly

The monsters will try to run towards you. For weak monsters like bats or skeletons, you can kill them before they get close to you. However, monsters with greater stamina can easily reach you as they are quite difficult to take down. So, you need to move constantly. Avoid locations full of monsters to move. This will ensure your hero's safety.

Game control: Swipe the mouse to move the character. Remember to read the guide about the items in this game.