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Fall Red Stickman

About Fall Red Stickman


Take on the tough stickman challenge in Fall Red Stickman now! This game is a great choice for fans of Stickman and Ragdoll genres.

Your mission in this game

A physical stickman game called Fall Red Stickman with amazing character damage mechanics! You have to sprint as fast as you can and jump as high as you can! The more points you earn and the higher levels you can advance, the more harm you do! You will learn a lot of interesting things on your journey. Show the invincibility of your stickman.

Difficult challenges in this game

When your stickman keeps falling in Fall Red Stickman game, you will encounter some difficulties. He must be guided around several challenges including spinning blades, spikes, and moving platforms. Using the on-screen controls or tilting your smartphone will allow you to move the stickman around. Making your stickman fall into various poses and breaking as many bones as possible is the goal of the game. To advance to the next level, you must earn the minimum number of points in each level.