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Five Days At Freddy’s: Rage At Night!

About Five Days At Freddy’s: Rage At Night!


Five Days At Freddy's: Rage At Night! is the new version of the famous horror series. Shoot down all animatronics as quickly as possible to win.

Inspiration of the game

Inspired by the Five Nights At Freddy's series, this game features 5 animatronics including Chica, Freddy, Bunny, Foxy, and Plushtrap. Don't hesitate! Click the Play button to start fighting against frightening animatronics now. This game can be accessed on both PC and mobile. Therefore, you can play this game anytime and anywhere you want as long as your device is connected to the Internet.

Knock out any animatronics in Five Days At Freddy's: Rage At Night!

You are no longer a weak character who can only defend yourself by closing the door or turning on the lights. Now, with a weapon in hand, you can even actively attack the animatronics.

The objective

In this game, you get an opportunity to become the main character in Five Nights Freddy's 4. Your weapon is a powerful gun that can shoot down any enemy. Your objective is to aim accurately and shoot down all animatronics who try to break into the bedroom and bite you in your sleep. The animatronic will appear suddenly at one of two side doors or in the center of the room.

Be quick and be exactly

You have to reflect quickly and shoot as fast as possible to beat them. If you slow down for a second, you will be killed and the game is over. It is extremely challenging for you. However, don't give up. Do your best to kill all animatronics to get a victory. Break a leg!


  • You just need to click the left mouse button to shoot.
  • Swipe the mouse to move the gun and aim.