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Five Nights at Christmas


About Five Nights at Christmas


Five Nights at Christmas is a perfect combination of the FNAF games series and Christmas. You need to complete some given missions to survive until the morning.

The different backgrounds and gameplay

In this game, your final mission is the same as in fnaf games. You have to survive until 6 a.m in a small house which only has a room. When you see a decorated pine tree, you may know this game is on Christmas. Only you stay in this house and some strange phenomena happens. A creepy creature is lurking and wants to attack you.

Complete missions to stay alive in Five Nights at Christmas

The weather in this game is very cold which can freeze your character. Therefore, the timer is limited and you need to finish the task quickly.

Close the window

The room has 3 windows and sometimes they are opened by dark forces. At that time, you need to come close to these windows and close them immediately. Otherwise, the cold weather can cause your character's death.

Find enough objects

Usually your task is to search for some objects. They can be hidden in many places in the room. The time to search for them is limited so you need to search quickly. If not, that creepy creature will appear and attack you. Going outside the room will cause your character to freeze faster. Can you pass all challenging difficulties in this game?