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Five Nights At Shrek’s Hotel


About Five Nights At Shrek’s Hotel


Five Nights At Shrek's Hotel is a horror game set up in a creepy hotel. Your mission is to complete the work that the hotel owner gives to you.

The plot in this game

One day you have to move out of your house and you don't know where to stay. You don't have enough money to buy a new house so you decide to rent a room at Shrek's hotel. Here, Shrek or the hotel owner has hired you to do some work. You agreed to work for him and strange dreams happened every night. The hotel owner's attitude also became very strange. This game is inspired by fnaf games which also require you to survive until the morning.

Five Nights At Shrek's Hotel gameplay

The gameplay of this game will be different from the FNAF series but it is also highly appreciated. You will spend 5 nights in a spooky hotel with a strange hotel owner.

Complete tasks

The hotel owner will give you some simple tasks such as carrying boxes upstairs, cleaning the toilet, etc. You can do them easily and then you will go to sleep. These jobs are usually done in the evening. However, the work will become more scary on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. If you want to know what it is, you need to experience this game for yourself.

The survival task

The previous missions are easy but the final task directly affects your life. You discover Shrek's secret and he wants to kill you. However, you just need to collect 40 onions in 1 minute, you can stay alive. On the fifth night, you are hit by Shrek and he takes you to the backroom. You have to run around the rooms to collect onions. This game is more challenging when the back rooms have the same walls and rooms.