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Five Nights At Spongebob


About Five Nights At Spongebob


Five Nights At Spongebob is inspired by the FNAF series. It has the familiar gameplay but the graphics are different. You must stay alive through 5 nights.

The graphics in this game

This game has similar gameplay to Five Nights At Freddy's. You will be the only person in the large building. The monsters are trying to move towards your room. Although this game still retains the horror gameplay, the graphics are quite fun. With the cartoon style, the atmosphere and background are not too scary. The main villains in this game are the characters from the cartoon Spongebob. These characters are no longer adorable and harmless. They can kill you if you don't watch out for them.

How to survive from villains in Five Nights At Spongebob

As mentioned, this game has the same rules as FNAF games. You will need to perform two main actions: observe the camera and prevent villains.

Monitor cameras

Observing through the camera will help you know the moves of the villain. After seeing their movements, you need to have plans to prevent them from entering the room. Always watching the camera is extremely necessary. Just don't focus on the villains for a few minutes.

How to keep yourself safe

Turning on the lights and closing the doors is to ward off enemies and prevent them from entering your room. However, electric doors and lights will consume a certain amount of energy. So, you need to be very frugal. You should only turn on the lights or close the door when necessary.

Game control: Click the mouse to monitor the camera and click the left mouse button on button to turn on the light or close the door.