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FNAF Backrooms


About FNAF Backrooms


Welcome to the action horror game called FNAF Backrooms. This game is a perfect combination between two famous games, Five Nights at Freddy's and Backrooms.

Your duties

In the game FNAF Backrooms, you have to get lost in a mysterious house. Your mission is to explore all these strange rooms. Also, you need to avoid scary dolls like Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy because you will die if they catch you. The game has three different difficulty levels, and a new toy will appear at each level.

Some tips you can refer to

  • When facing terrible toys, move carefully and do not run too fast because you will run out of energy and cannot run away.
  • Almond milk and sedatives should only be taken in moderation to keep you healthy and alert.
  • Look for hints and clues in logs and signs as you thoroughly explore each location to find your way out.
  • Don't drop your flashlight because it won't respawn. Instead, use it to illuminate the area and guide you.
  • Don't accept anything you read about monstrous toys on the wiki, as they may not follow the same guidelines as in the books.