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FNAF Final Purgatory


About FNAF Final Purgatory


FNAF Final Purgatory is a fan-made game which is inspired by the FNAF series. With the simple graphics, this game reduces the feeling of fear.

Multiple Game Modes

This game offers different game modes, providing you with various experiences. From the classic survival mode to custom challenges, players can choose their preferred gameplay style and test their skills in different scenarios.

Variety of Animatronics

The game has a diverse cast of animatronic characters. They all have their own unique behaviors and strategies. If you can learn the animatronics' strategies, you can survive the night. The variety of animatronics adds depth to the gameplay and keeps players on their toes.

Thrilling gameplay

This version still captures the eerie atmosphere and suspense of the FNAF Games. You are a guard in a dark and foreboding environment. You have to survive against animatronic characters that roam the halls. The tension and fear build up as players try to stay calm and monitor the animatronics' movements through security cameras.

How to survive FNAF Final Purgatory

You have to stay alive till 6 a.m. The animatronics try to access and kill you. Therefore, you must prevent them from accessing your room.

Monitor the Security Cameras

It's better to look at security cameras often to track the movements of the animatronic characters. This will give you valuable information about their locations and help you plan your actions accordingly.

Manage Power Usage

In FNAF Final Purgatory, you have a limited amount of power to use throughout the night. Be mindful of how much power you're consuming and try to conserve it as much as possible. Avoid keeping unnecessary lights or doors closed for too long to prevent draining your power too quickly.

Check the Hallways

Regularly check the hallways on either side of your location. These are common areas where animatronics can appear. Use the flashlight to quickly scan the area and make sure there are no animatronics approaching. If you see an animatronic, close the appropriate door to prevent them from entering.