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FNAF Horror At Home


About FNAF Horror At Home


FNAF Horror At Home is an exciting role-playing game. You will become a scary animatronic and your mission is to scare the children in the house.

Settings of this game

You will no longer see Freddy Bear roaming the hallways of the pizzeria like in Five Nights At Freddy's 4. These animatronics will be sold in toy stores. A family decided to buy Freddy Bear and bring it home. The children's horrifying life begins here. You will transform into the villain Teddy Bear to scare the children.

Scare the kids in FNAF Horror At Home

You will take turns scaring the boy and the girl in the first two levels. You'll eventually make them both tremble in level 3.

Take the chance to scare

You can only make children tremble, but you are very afraid of adults. If you are discovered, you will be thrown into the trash immediately. Therefore, you need to scare children when their parents are not paying attention to them. As soon as they turn away from you, show the kids a scary expression. There will be 3 levels including scare, quiet and frighten. To complete a level, you need to fill 10 batteries with fear energy. Frightening mode will make you recharge faster but it is also more dangerous. When the children's parents look at you, return to quiet.

Don't get discovered

Even though sometimes parents won't focus on you, they will still turn to observe their child. When you see the red warning sign, the parents are about to turn around and look at the kids. At this point, immediately return to a quiet state. The speed at which parents turn to look at their children will become more and more rapid.

Game control: click the left mouse button to play.