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FNAF Minecraft


About FNAF Minecraft


Scary story in Minecraft world

FNAF Minecraft is no longer a peaceful world. Here, you come face to face with terrifying monsters. They are hiding and want to kill you. Repel them now!

The story in this game is inspired by the game FNAF 4. You still become a guard for a shop at night. The strange sounds are coming from the toys in the rooms. You need to use the doors to repel the toy monsters. Don't let them get into the security room. This game is probably not as horror as the 3D version. Graphics will not be too realistic but sometimes also startle you.

Survive till 6 am in FNAF Minecraft

As in the games in the FNAF series, you need to survive until 6 am. You will work as a security guard for 5 evenings. Just stay live through the 5th day, you will finish this game. Let's also see how to survive.

Use the camera

Every room in the store is equipped with a camera and you can observe the monsters' movement. When the monster's approach the security room, you need to quickly close the door. There are two doors and you need to know which door they will reach you through. When they intentionally approach your room, close the door to stop them.

Save energy

In this game, you can't keep the door closed all the time. These doors need the energy to close. The energy you have is limited. If the energy goes to zero, your safety is completely at stake. So, use as little energy as possible.