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Forsake The Rake


About Forsake The Rake


Forsake The Rake is an extremely engaging action horror game. There is a secret underground base. Your mission is to uncover the secrets here. This game has realistic, unseen 3D graphics. It is loved by players besides fnaf games. This makes things even scarier than ever. There are 10 levels waiting for you to explore.

Mysterious Lab

You will need to search a secret underground military laboratory where terrible experiments on humans have taken place. Everything here is weird and scary. The animals created by these activities are appalling. Rake will need to be dealt with, and you will need to survive.

Steps you need to take to play this game

First, you need to choose one of four characters: knight, witch, archer, or summoner. Then choose between single-player or multiplayer.

The game map will be displayed so you can start your quest. You can use WASD keys to move in the Forsake The Rake game. Space key to jump. Mouse to aim and shoot. Shift the key to run. E key to zoom. G key to throw a grenade. R key to reload. F key to Pick up a weapon or ammo. C key to crouch. Z key to lie down. L key to lock the mouse pointer and the Esc key to pause the game.

You will need to look for hints and actual objects. Rake and other monsters will also be present. To defend yourself or run away, you must use your weapon.

When you learn the truth about The Rake and leave the forest, the game will be over for you.