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Freddy's Bomb


About Freddy's Bomb


Freddy's Bomb game is a variant version of Five Nights at Freddy's. You are a guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and fight with horror toys and bombs.

Scary restaurant

The demon puppets here are designed to harm people at night. You have five nights to get through while fending off these puppets and other visitors. Instead of relying solely on security measures like cameras, lights, and doors, you'll use the bombs in the game Freddy's Bomb for both defense and offense. You can also learn the dark secrets of the restaurant and determine what causes the puppets to change. This game combines horror, action, and strategy.

How to control

  • Your character can be moved with WASD or arrow keys
  • By pressing the Space or Enter keys, drop the bomb. If you improve your talent, you can place multiple explosives at once.
  • Go through them and collect things like gold coins, hearts, shoes, bombs, etc. When you destroy something in the restaurant, more will appear.
  • By pressing the P or Esc key, you can go to the store. Buy new costumes and equipment for your character at the shop with gold coins.
  • Bombs should be used to destroy invaders and puppet demons. Avoid being attacked by them and let your bomb explode.
  • By destroying items and dropping bombs near the exit, you can determine the exit of each level. Before time runs out, you must leave the restaurant.