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Friday the 13th


About Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th is a fun survival game where you have to find a torch to light the fireplace. The torch can be anywhere on the road or in the forest.

Lost in a mysterious world

This is a game designed in a quite interesting retro style. The characters and zombies will not be as scary as in Light House Havoc. Although the atmosphere in this game is also quite dark, it does not cause obsession for players. This game will take you back to the classic games of the past. The main character with the ability to fire weapons will excite you. Zombies can appear everywhere on the map. So, always be ready to fight.

Complete missions in Friday the 13th

In this game, you need to light the fireplace in the house. Naturally, you will need to find a torch first. Let's hit the road now!

Destroy the undead

Zombies may suddenly appear on your way. They can cause your character to lose health points if they can touch your character. Your character can attack from afar, so take them down before they reach your character. In addition, you can pick up some other weapons along the way to increase your character's damage ability.

Collect items

You will see some useful items drop after the undead fall. You need to collect them to complete your mission. For example, you can collect a lighter to light a torch. In addition, some health potions will also appear to help you improve health points.