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Geometry Dash Breeze

About Geometry Dash Breeze


An adventure designed in Geometry Dash Breeze. With familiar characters and simple gameplay, this game will conquer the most demanding gamers.

New journey of geometry

This game has 3 main levels: Over The Clouds, Into The Zone, and Ghost Ship. The difficulty of each level will increase and the adventure becomes more and more dangerous. Therefore, honing your skills is an necessary mission that you must do before participating in the adventure

Avoid collisions at all costs in Geometry Dash Breeze

You probably already know how dangerous collisions can be. They can destroy your geometry to pieces. Therefore, no collision is allowed.

Jump over obstacles

Your geometric character can turn into a cube or a robot with legs. They can avoid obstacles by jumping over them. Springs and hooks can help jump further and higher. You need to make jumps at the right time to avoid collisions. Be calm and you can conquer this hard game.

Fly over obstacles

Your character can fly a UFO. At this point, instead of doing jumps, you need to help the UFO fly in the air. However, the main goal is still to keep your character safe. Spikes can appear even in the air. Go through them smoothly. Click the left mouse continuously. Otherwise, the UFO will drop.

Collecting the coins in this game

Besides keeping the character safe, you also need to grab some coins along the way. Each level has only three coins which are in the hard-to-reach position. It's better to observe the coins first and grab them later. Knowing the terrain is always an advantage. Therefore, you can play practice mode with the same map as the normal mode.