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Geometry Dash Lite


About Geometry Dash Lite


Geometry Dash Lite is a version of Geometry Dash with many levels. You can choose one of the levels and start your journey. Control a geometry to get to the end!

Speed game with many levels

I think you have also tried many versions of the Geometry Dash series. However, these versions are usually designed with one or three levels. This makes players quickly get bored. However, the Lite version this time offers up to 15 levels. This is not a small number. 15 levels with different backgrounds and trap layouts will challenge any player. Are you ready for this journey with many levels?

Some steps to conquer Geometry Dash Lite

Breaking this game in a short time is impossible. You need to know some basic steps to be able to solve the difficulties that appear along the way. If you want to experience more thrill,it's time to shoot zombies in Dead Zed.

Start with easy level

This game offers levels with increasing difficulty. The last levels are even demon levels. Therefore, you should be familiar with the mechanics and control of the game through the early levels first. This will help you build a foundation on which to further develop your driving skills.

Remember the terrain

With the unique and complex arrangement of obstacles, many players had to give up. However, you can spend time memorizing obstacles or portals to appear. From there, you have more ideas of what's to come and make logical jumps. Jumping and avoiding obstacles at the right time is the key to success in any Geometry Dash version.

Game control

  • Click the left mouse button to jump over or keep the UFO flying if you play on the PC.
  • Tap on the screen to play this game if you play on tablet or mobile.