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About Grandpa


Take on the horror survival challenge in the scary game, Grandpa! You will have to do whatever it takes to deal with the onslaught of the evil old murderer.

Mission in survival horror game

In Grandpa, you must run away from the old man's house where you were kidnapped. Indoor problems must be solved from the first person's point of view. There are many puzzles that are connected to each other. It would help if you located valuables, avoided traps, and opened locked doors.

Hard challenge for you

Horror game Grandpa is a rather difficult game to play. It requires you to have concentration, agility, and intelligence to escape from the ghostly old man's house. The gameplay of this game is almost the same as in fnaf games. Some useful tips for you in this game you can refer to are:

  • In case the elderly man suddenly appears from behind, close all the doors. However, there are some unique doors where they are not necessary.
  • Place all your possessions in safe areas where they can't make a sound when falling. To be ready to use at any time, keep freeze traps, crossbows, shotguns, and darts in a safe place. The elderly man was hesitant to handle the weapon.
  • The old man can be attracted to various locations by dropping items there, leaving you free to explore the rest of the area. This advice is often used in secret tunnels.
  • Find safe places to hide immediately if the old man is after you, such as attics, hidden corners of the house, garages, or basements, as he rarely visits these places. They have many barriers for you to hide behind, and they are also quite sporadic.
  • Observe the old man from a fixed floor or a wall panel in the attic. However, be careful because he can sometimes see you through the holes.
  • When you first play, focus on exploring the upper floor because the old man is often in that area and will drop the goods at the main door of the lower floor to save time. In this situation, going up and down the stairs would be quite dangerous.
  • Avoid hiding in cars, trunks, cabinets, or under beds unless you have to. it takes time and is not safe. You can easily leave the room and hide in safer places, including tunnels.