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Granny Pills


About Granny Pills


Granny Pills is a shooting game with an interesting storyline. Your mission is to help a granny fight against dangerous aliens who want to invade the earth.

New experience in this shooting game

The main character in this game is granny and she is not as scary as in Granny 3. However, she also has an amazing power where she can take down aliens. Grandma's weapons are pills of different colors. Each color of the drug will be able to defeat different types of aliens. This game requires observation skills and agility. In addition, hitting the target is also very important in this game.

How to play Granny Pills

The aliens are moving on the road and want to invade the earth. They must pass through a path to be able to complete their goal. A grandmother was waiting for them on this road. She is determined to destroy the aliens to protect earth's peace.

Beat aliens

The aliens will attack in waves. You just need to destroy all the aliens in one attack, then you will move to a new level. Throwing pills at the aliens is the best way to destroy them. If you throw a pill of the same color as the alien at him, the alien will be defeated with one pill. However, you will have to spend 2 to 3 pills if the color of the pill is not the same as the alien's color. You can switch the position of the pills by right clicking.

Be aware of the UFO

In front of the grandmother, there are 3 rows of cacti that serve as defense lines. As soon as the alien eats these cacti, grandma will automatically shoot them with a gun. There will be UFOs flying in and wanting to rob these cacti. At this point, you just need to throw the pill at the UFO to chase them away.