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Groomy Island


About Groomy Island


Groomy Island's villain is a strange creature named Groomy. He is on this one island and wants to stop you from completing the mission. Good luck!

You are lost in a horror island in this game

When you wake up and find yourself on an abandoned island. There are no people living around here and the island is surrounded by a vast ocean. This game is set late at night and you can't see the terrain clearly. Danger can appear suddenly in the dark, so you need to be careful. To escape this island, you need to collect 10 Grimace's shakes.

Collect all 10 Grimace's shakes in Groomy Island

10 shakes are located anywhere on the map and you need to move around the map to find them. Move quickly and avoid the moving Groomy.

Move around the map

It will be difficult to see the surrounding terrain clearly when it is dark. Your light comes from the flashlight in your hand, but it's not too bright to see everything. At this point, you should follow the mini map on the screen. From there, you can know your location and Groomy's location. From there, you can avoid attacks from Groomy.

Avoid strange creatures

On the island there are only you and Groomy, a purple monster with red eyes. It will wander around the island to watch for shakes. If you want to collect enough shakes, you should avoid this creature. This is a horror game worth playing like Amanda The Adventurer.