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About Grumace


Grumace takes players from one surprise to another. You need to escape the creepy place in this game immediately. Strange creatures will kill you if they see you.

What happens in Grumace

You are sitting in a glass of water with a strange glass of water in your hand. There is no one around you and everything becomes blurry. Waking up again, you have appeared in a creepy place. Deadly monsters are moving everywhere. A monster can also injure you. Get out of here at all costs. I know another horror game called Five Nights At Freddy's 10 where you also need to keep yourself safe from the animatronics.

How to exit the restaurant in Grumace

You have been caught up in a horror escape in an abandoned restaurant. You have to save yourself. Monsters with deadly attacks can appear anywhere. Run away and don't look back!

Collect strange water cups

To escape the restaurant with these mysterious creatures, you must collect the cups of water. These cups of water can be found in the rooms. You need to go through the corridors and enter the rooms to find them. However, the corridor is also the place where these strange creatures operate. Carefully move away from them to ensure safety. You should also keep in mind the rooms and places you have passed to avoid confusion.

Don't get caught

Strange creatures roamed the corridors. Their number is quite large, so you need to be careful at every step. The pixel graphics are quite simple but the appearance of these scary creatures can also startle you. They move better so sometimes you need to run.