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Haunted School


About Haunted School


The horror game Haunted School gives you the experience of becoming a wreck. You need to step into a haunted school and solve the mystery surrounding a ghost.

Your duties

To eliminate the ghost schoolgirl from the game before it's too late, you need to solve puzzles and find the priest's tool. Another option is to temporarily shoot the girl with a shotgun to make her leave. You just run away and pray that no one will eat you if you run out of ammo. Throughout the Haunted School, the priest left suggestions. Observe them for advice. The haunted school uses tension and fear to create horror and make you shiver. The environment is reminiscent of popular survival horror games like fnaf games.

characters in the game Haunted School

This game includes several characters that are built based on the plot.

  • Main character: is the character you control from the first-person perspective. To exorcise a demon child, you must control the character and locate the priest's device. The shotgun can be used by this character for a short time to shoot the female demon. This character lacks a distinct name and appearance.
  • Devil Girl: This character will definitely scare you.
  • A child is the main enemy of the game and is possessed by a demon. The player can be attacked by this girl at any time. This girl has a deformed face and long black hair.
  • Priest: A person who has made an unsuccessful exorcism attempt against a female demon. The priest has left the player some resources and hints. In the game, priests do not appear directly.