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Hospital: Survive The Night


About Hospital: Survive The Night


Hospital: Survive The Night is a thrilling horror game set in a haunted hospital. You are on duty. You need to try to deal with scary patients.

Discover the secrets

Different from fnaf games, the horror game Hospital: Survive The Night is set in a hospital. This hospital hides many mysteries, so let's run around to explore them now. Hospital secrets can be revealed through numerous notes, medical records, reports, and unsent letters scattered around the structure. If you use some creativity, you can get into every room. However, the game will go into survival mode, and the guard room will be locked until 7 a.m after you get the walkie-talkie. You can operate doors, sirens, and some other devices with them.

Survive until morning

Are you ready to play Hospital: Survive The Night, a survival horror game? As a hospital security guard on the night shift, your only tools for survival are flashlights, CCTV, door control systems, and sirens. Patients will do their best to get into the guard room, so it's your responsibility to block their way by closing the door and diverting their attention in any way you can. You will be chased by crazy patients in the hospital in each of the game's five shifts, divided into five nights.

Character control

  • To walk, use WSAD or the arrow keys. To run, press Shift. To turn on or off the flashlight, click and hold the right mouse button.
  • In the hospital, it is necessary to left-click to interact with objects and machines.
  • To pause the game, you must press the Esc key.
  • To enter survival mode, you must use the walkie-talkie in the guard room.
  • To prevent patients from attacking you, you must use CCTV to monitor and manage doors, sirens, and other devices.