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Hungry Lamu

About Hungry Lamu


Hungry Lamu is a game with a horror story but it is designed with impressive cartoon graphics. Your camel is hungry and needs to be fed in this game.

Help Lamu fill his stomach

His favorite food is succulent fruits. Small cherries can't fill him up. Great foods are other fruits. The scary thing is that these fruits can run and talk like a human. You need to solve problems to help your character can eat full. Take advantage of the hints in this game.

Implement objects given in Hungry Lamu

This game will give many objects to challenge you. Your task is to complete these objects. Your camel is always hungry and he wants to eat more. You need to complete certain tasks to find food.

Find the fruit characters

Upon seeing Lamu, these fruit characters run away and hide immediately. Now you have to find them. Each fruit character will hide in a different location. To make them appear, you need to use certain items. You can go around looking for these objects. When the fruits appear, eat them.

Find the campsite

You will play in first person mode in this mission. Different from the previous mission, the graphics of this target are quite impressive because it is 3D graphics. You will go into a dark forest and find the campsite. Don't go too far because the campsite will be near you. The surrounding fog along with the dark forest will make you scared. Don't worry too much because you are the hunter.

Game control

  • WASD or arrow keys for moving.
  • You can press E to talk, eat or hit
  • Press F to take objects or drop them down.

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