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Imposter 3D: Online Horror


About Imposter 3D: Online Horror


Imposter 3D: Online Horror is a chase horror game that you cannot ignore. You get to join the world of impostors. You need to get rid of the cannibal impostor.

Multiplayer game

The special thing about the horror game Imposter 3D: Online Horror is that you can play with up to 10 players. Not only that, but you can also create a private room for you and your friends to play in together. This chasing game is really cool and fun to experience with your friends.

Explore unique game modes and maps

Imposter 3D: Online Horror will give you a richer gameplay experience than fnaf games with five different game modes and lots of amazing maps waiting for you to explore.

5 game modes

  • Mafia: In this mode, you get to play up to ten participants, one of whom is a fake imitating other players. But he has the ability to turn into a fake at any time and capture other players! Votes can be used to identify the impostor and remove him. Take precautions and gather all the children.
  • PvE: In this mode, you must compete against a computer-controlled rogue with your buddies.

PvP: In online multiplayer mode, players will pretend to be impostors, and you will have to fight them.

  • Zombie: Anyone caught by the rogue will turn into a fake in this mode.
  • Hide and Seek, in which you must remain undetected until the round is over while hiding behind an astronaut

Many unique 3D maps

  • Space Station 12: The entire crew disappeared here after a terrible incident, and yet there are still little humans! In addition to the crew member and miniature astronaut on the station, there is also a rogue, so you need to save them all. He is a wild man, so be careful with him.
  • Planet: a place where strange things happen and where creatures that astronauts have come to explore and exploit are found
  • Lab: Inadvertently, a scientist sprayed a tiny gas in the lab! The small fakers are now after the little astronaut.
  • Maze: It is unknown who built the giant labyrinth on planet IMP-13, and when or why it was built. A city on a planet that serves as the main commercial center of the star system and attracts all forms of extraterrestrial life.