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Kill The Zombies


About Kill The Zombies


Kill The Zombies is a shooting game for players who love horror games. You must escape a village that has many zombies. Shoot them and run away!

The zombies won't be as scared as the ones in Zombie Shooter 3D. However, their sudden appearance can startle you. You need to beat them before they can attack you. Look around continuously to observe your situation. Sometimes, the zombies can attack you from the back.

Game control

  • Use the WASD keys if you want to run around the city and the mouse cursor to look around.
  • Press the left mouse button to use your pistol to eliminate zombies.

Find the escape in Kill The Zombies

You lose in a strange village and you are the only survivor. This village is covered by many dangerous zombies. You must take the guns and kill them and exit this horrible village.

Look for key

There are many gates in this village and they are locked. You need to move around to look for the keys. Pay attention to the tables because the keys are usually on them. Then, you also need to find out where the gate is. Look at the danger warning sign! There are many zombies around you.

Protect your character

The character has limited lives. You can see how many lives he has through the hearts on the screen. If you run out of heart, the game will end. Don't let any zombies attack you. Hope you can be alive to escape from hell.