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About Kuzbass


Kuzbass is a horror game that tests your courage. In this game, you need to explore a haunted village in the dark of night and face a crazy old lady.

The plot of the game Kuzbass

To attend his grandmother's funeral, Slavik and his family went to a horrible location. An abandoned village, as Kuzbass tells it. They quickly come to the conclusion that their surroundings are deceptive. There were almost no survivors left in the village and those who were there scared the neighbors with their presence. Can you unlock the mystery of this place and defeat the evil? Or are you willing to sacrifice your loved ones to gain magical abilities? You have a choice!

Missions and controls

To be able to explore this abandoned village, you need to determine your mission and know how to control the character.

Your duties

In the dark and abandoned village of the city, you will have to solve puzzles. You will also need to find a way to escape from this place and hide from strange monsters. Will you be able to confront the witch and uncover her evil secret?

How to control the character

  • You can move in the game using the arrow keys or the WASD keys.
  • To pick up things or employ mechanics, press the E key.
  • Crouch (stealth mode) with the C key.
  • To open and close bags, use the I key.
  • To choose goods from the suitcase, use the mouse wheel; to pause, use the Tab key.