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Let's Kill Jeff The Killer: Jeff's Revenge


About Let's Kill Jeff The Killer: Jeff's Revenge


Let's Kill Jeff The Killer: Jeff's Revenge is a revenge where you can take on one of two roles in this game. Your task is to find enough assigned objects.

Shoot and survive to complete missions

This game is not only a horror survival game, it is also an exciting shooting game. The game is set in an abandoned area where you will not find any survivors. When the atmosphere is overcast, it will make you feel creepy. With the first-person perspective, you have the most realistic experiences, but it also prevents you from seeing the surroundings. You need to aim and shoot everything accurately and quickly to avoid getting hurt.

Two stories of two characters in Let's Kill Jeff The Killer: Jeff's Revenge

This game allows you to transform into two different characters. You can take turns choosing their stories to experience.

Soldier's story

You are sent to an abandoned locality occupied by creepy murderers. You need to destroy these murderers to save the people here. You just need to collect all 8 of the killer's knives to make them disappear forever. On the way, replenish your health and ammo by collecting first aid boxes and ammo magazines.

The story of a murderer

If you play this game as the murderer, you need to collect 8 hearts. Dangerous soldiers are investigating your whereabouts and they will destroy you. Try to find a way to escape by finding all 8 hearts. Naturally, you can also attack the soldiers if you face them. You can experience some other horror games such as FNAF Help Wanted 2.