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Mine Shooter Monsters Royale


About Mine Shooter Monsters Royale


Play as a survivor in Mine Shooter Monsters Royale. Your mission is to kill all the zombies and hungry Wuggy. You must use every skill to survive.

Zombies and hungry Wuggy have arrived and wreaked havoc on the world. You are the last survivor. Therefore, you need to use weapons to protect yourself and destroy monsters in the worldd. Do not worry too much because you are equipped with many different weapons.

Two main types of monsters in this game

You can see the monsters in this game are Wuggy and zombies. The green zombies move slowly so you can easily shoot them. However, the Wuggy with long arms and long legs can run very fast. At this point, you should run and shoot at the same time. Don't forget to buy more powerful guns to fight. This game has the same gameplay as Zombie Shooter 3D where you also have to fight with zombies.

Kill zombies in Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

Zombies and Wuggy appear in several places on the map. You have to go around to find them and kill them. These monsters are very dangerous.

Move carefully

These monsters can appear from behind you or in front of you. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the surroundings. You should find safe places to move to. Identify the target in advance to avoid contact with the enemy too close.

Attack the enemy with weapons

You have melee weapons or ranged guns. You can use them skillfully. Knives and hammers are used to attack monsters that have approached you. Use guns to kill distant monsters. Aim for the monster's head! Just hit the head, they will probably die instantly.

Game control

  • Use the mouse to look around
  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press the down arrow to change your gun and continue your fight
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot.