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Momo Horror Story


About Momo Horror Story


Momo Horror Story is a challenging action game. Your mission is to complete different tasks and try to stay alive until the timer reaches 12 am.

The user named Momo sent you messages. She said she would break into your room and kill you. You called the police, but they will arrive at 12 o'clock. Your objective is to survive until the police arrive. While waiting for the police, you have to complete different tasks such as turning on the generator, finding the keys, closing the windows and so on. Do your best to accomplish all of them without being caught. Be careful! The scary ghost, Momo, will appear anytime. You can use your flashlight or collect the knife or gun to attack her. Run as fast as possible to leave your house to escape from Momo. Try your best to find out the police cars to get rescued. Good luck!

How to play

Press the WASD keys or ARROW KEYS to roam around

Press a left mouse button to attack

Press a right mouse button to switch the flashlight and aim

Rotate the mouse wheel to change the weapon

Press a G to throw a grenade

Press SHIFT+W key to run

Press an F key to take the objects or open the doors.

Game modes

Two modes including Classic Mode and Gun Mode are available for gameplay.

Gun Mode

If you choose Gun Mode, you will be provided with a gun which is hidden in the box. You can use the gun to shoot down Momo from a far distance.

Classic Mode

In Classic Mode, your weapon is only a knife that you can find out somewhere in the house. As soon as you see Momo, you must use the knife to fight against it. Be careful! You can be attacked as you must come close to it to combat.