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Moto X3M


About Moto X3M


Drive the motorbike in the racing game

Moto X3M allows you to perform many dangerous stunts which can't be found in real life. You need to reach the destination to complete all levels.

Many racing game fans recommend this game as the most interesting racing game. Although this game has no first view or realistic graphics, this gameplay is still appealing. You drive a motorbike on a tough road which has many huge saws and spikes. The explosive materials also appear on the road. You have to pass over them to reach the finish line at the end of the road.

What skills you need to conquer Moto X3M

You may be surprised because of this game's simple control. However, it's hard for newbies to drive motorbikes continuously.

Balance the bike

The most important skill is balancing the bike. The road isn't smooth because there are tons of slopes and bends. Your bike even can fly up for some distance after it goes through vertical slopes. You must keep the bike balanced in the air by leaning it to the right or left. You must ensure that your bike will land safely on the ground.

Stop and move at the right time

I recommend moving continuously to get the momentum that can help your bike pass the slopes. You can move backward in this game, so it's hard to gain the momentum. However, you should stop when you see a stop or warning sign along the road. Your character can get in danger if you don't stop at that time.

Buy new character

In this game, you can use your stars to buy new characters and bikes. You can get stars by completing the level in a short time. The maximum number of stars you can gain is 3 stars. From that, you should reach the finish line as fast as possible. Otherwise, you can't get any stars but restarting a level to get all stars is possible. Besides this game, you may like a shooting game like Shell Shockers.