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Mr Meat House Of Flesh

About Mr Meat House Of Flesh


Mr Meat House Of Flesh will show you the horrors after zombies rule the earth. Save the victims from one of the evil demons in this game. Good luck!

The game with a first-person perspective will give you a realistic feeling. The villain in this game is Mr Meat, a killer and he is extremely dangerous. With his large body and angry face, he would crush everything that stood in his way. If you are a fan of horror games, I am sure that you cannot ignore the horror game series in fnaf games.

The plot of this horror game

The zombie plague has come. No one is safe. Your neighbor named Mr Meat is a killer who is always hungry for blood. No one can escape from him. His house looks like a mansion if you see it from the far distance. However, if you enter it, you can realize that this is truly a creepy prison. His next target is a young woman. She is trapped in this prison house. Oblivion is after her, your disturbing zombie neighbor will kill her if nobody stops it. You must rescue her the mansion of Mr Meat and save her life.

Rescue the woman and yourself in Mr Meat House Of Flesh

The lingering blood streaks and the dark atmosphere in this game will make you tremble. You must finish your task within 5 days. After 5 days, the woman will be killed. When saving the woman, you should try not to get caught.

Find the key

To be able to save the miserable woman, you need to use the keys. This will not be easy because you need to unlock a few things before you can find the key. Interact with everything that you think will help your journey. For example, you can open all the cabinets or drawers to find things. Don't forget to find a weapon for yourself.

Let's act in silence

Mr Meat is very sensitive to noise. He will immediately go to the location where the noise is detected. Therefore, you need to perform the task quietly. However, sometimes you can also make a noise to attract the attention of the monster and run in another direction. When you see the figure of Mr Meat, you need to hide immediately. The game will be over if he catches you. You can hide under the bed or in the large cabinets if necessary in Mr Meat House Of Flesh.

How to control

  • Use WASD to walk around
  • Press the F key to interact, hide, or use items
  • Press G to drop the item
  • Use the T key to unhide
  • Use the left CTRL to crouch
  • To escape, press the pause button
  • Swipe the mouse to look around.