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Mr. Noob Eat Burger

About Mr. Noob Eat Burger


Collecting enough burgers to escape from Mr. Noob Eat Burger's maze. You need to run away from any horrible monsters around this maze. Be brave and be quick!

The horror of maze in this game

A mysterious discovery took place in this game. You are lost in a dark and scary maze. You must get out of there before the monster finds you. Go find the burgers to complete your mission. The maze with golden walls and endless turns reminds me of the Backroom Game. However, the scarier thing here is that darkness will cover the entire labyrinth. You wouldn't see anything without a torch.

Ways to exit from the maze in Mr. Noob Eat Burger

You can find the thrill through this game. Darkness covers everything and you will sometimes encounter strange creatures. Find the burgers and get out of here.

Collect 8 burgers

Maze has a total of 8 burgers and they are placed in different locations. You can determine how many meters you are from the burger thanks to the messages on the screen. Follow this guide to find out where the burgers are. The torch is your only light in this game. To take the first burgers, you don't have to go too far but the next burgers will take quite a while to find it.

Beware of monsters

With their wrinkled faces and huge heads, they will startle you. The room you stand in at the starting point is the safest place in this maze. There will be paths leading to different places and you will find the shortest route to find the burger. Look closely! When you see an evil red light appear in the foreground, quickly return to the original room. Otherwise, the game will end immediately.


  • Press the WASD to control the character to run around the dark maze.
  • Swipe the mouse to look around
  • Press Shift to run.