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Night of the Consumers

About Night of the Consumers


Welcome to the horror game Night of the Consumers. You play as a convenience store employee. You need to arrange the goods on the shelves before closing time.

Complete the mission in this game

Germfood created the indie horror game Night of the Consumers. The graphic design of this game is similar to that of the PlayStation. You take on the role of a convenience store employee. To prepare for the end of the session, it is your responsibility to arrange the goods on the shelves. If you only have to deal with that, it's simple, but you will also have to deal with difficult and fussy customers and strict management guidelines. When you hear the footsteps of the manager or the screams of the customers, the sound effects of the game also increase your anxiety. To get your job done without getting caught by unwanted people, you have to be quick and skilled.

Night of the Consumers gameplay

Your character is controlled by a keyboard and mouse. To interact with objects and customers, press the E key. The management will give you the responsibility of loading the shelves. Before the time limit expires, you must complete the task. Fastidious and picky customers will be present. They will want you to take them on a tour of the different areas of the store. To avoid upsetting them, you have to amuse them. In addition, you must avoid being caught by your manager before completing the task. If your manager finds out, you'll get yelled at and lose your time. In the store, you can buy practical items such as food, cameras, and flashlights.